The official Artmoshai logo featuring the "Moshai" mascot


The name Artmoshai is derived from the word "Art" and "Moshai". The word "Moshai" is a Bengali term for addressing someone with honor and respect. Artmoshai was Founded by art enthusiast and creative entrepreneur; Srijan Mandal, who desired of creating a business that fused traditional art with a blend of technology and interactive experimentation as well provide a well curated platform to showcase quality content from both established and young independent creators and artists.

Artmoshai is an artists collective, online gallery and store primarily. We also run our very own podcast under the name "Artmo Mag Podcasts" and our own online magazine named "Artmo Mag". Our focus on our editorial and podcast revolves around the three main topics - Art and Motion Picture.

Our third and upcoing product is ArtmoEDX, a module based education technology platform that caters to creative interests like fine art, filmaking or sound arts.